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Sasha Lives Her Dreams

Hi there and welcome back, my dear BDMS lovers!  In this latest one from infernal restraints you get to see some amazing scene you all waited all week, involving true humiliation as this poor slave is getting her ass whooped by one large dick, making her feel sexually humiliated, but at the same time a deep sexual pleasure. What  better way to show a woman her true place than to humiliate her while but naked and treat her like a slave? I’m sure you will love their performances.sasha restricted and chained in metal bar

Sasha always dreamed about being fucked properly, and for her properly means something a little different than the actual meaning. She wants to be humiliated and whipped, then fucked hardcore from behind. The real fucking includes bruises and hardcore penetration. Well, she finally found the perfect stud to offer her that amazing fuck. She will be all tied and facefucked, living the experience of her life. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one. Take a look at infernalrestraints and see what humiliation stands for when you see this babe taking it all in. Enjoy! Also, if you want more, check here this amazing video as this slut get a proper treatment.

See this submissive slave getting treated like trash!

Nyssa never quits

Hi there and welcome back! In this infernal restraints update we have a very sexy and sex hungry brunette. Her name is Nyssa and she is pretty into BDSM. She sais that this turns her of the most and that she can’t really orgasm unless she’s bound and she feels like she’s dominated. This is exactly what you were all looking for, right? So without further due, sit back there and watch her getting forced to cum.

As I said, this horny slut will reach orgasm only if she is dominated. This time she found the perfect master to dominate her. The horny brunette gets all tied up and fucked hardcore, like there’s no tomorrow. She will scream of pleasure when that man shoves his black dildo deep inside her always horny pussy. I’m sure your cock will pop a nice boner as the slut begs for mercy.  So watch her performance in today’s update as she gets forced to orgasm in this awesome update. Stay tuned for fresh content as we will be back next week to entertain you again with dirty sluts fucked and tied in the chamber of horrors. Check out the site if you’re looking for similar videos and pics featuring some kinky and hot ladies! nyssa-gets-fucked

Watch this slut getting tied and forced to cum! 

Sophie gets punished

Hi there, once again, my dear BDMS lovers. In this awesome infernal restraints update, Sophie gets her tight holes punished. There is no secret anymore that she prefers these kind of treatments and you are about to watch her in action once again. This lovely lady wanted to try some BDSM for today and you know we’re always here to satisfy, so we had the guy go a bit easier on her since it’s their first meet.

The sizzling blonde was a very good submissive, but that we already knew since we had her around before. Actually the best thing was that she was willing to more this time. SO she will be hard tied to that nice device, and having her sweet ass up in the air, her master will satisfy her every hole. So watch him stuffing that hard toy into her dripping wet cunt while massaging her clit with the other device. I’m sure you will love to hear her screaming and moaning of pleasure, so without further due, watch Naughty Sophie’s holes get filled with all kinds of toys to her utter most delight. Her mouth and that tight ass will be also hard penetrated, so just hit that button and cum inside for the entire episode. Have a look also at their Twitter page, for more BDSM scenes!


Enjoy watching as she gets her ass and pussy fucked! 


Infernal Restraints – Whore Catherine

Today’s poster lady is Catherine. She’s a middle aged MILF with a love and passion for hard BDSM. So today enjoy seeing this hot mature lady getting bound and seeing her moan as her master today toys her pussy until she can’t hold it anymore and climaxes. You will get a nice boner once again on our scene, so grab a seat and watch what we’ve prepared for you.

The redheaded MILF finally sees her dream come true. She always dreamed about a man like PD who will show no mercy for her holes, fucking her properly and giving her multiple orgasms. Whore Catherine gets strapped in that nice chair with her legs wide open, completely naked and ready for what is about to happen. And for sure this will be the experience of her life. Watch her getting her clit massaged, her pussy roughly penetrated and her face fucked. This is exactly what she was looking for and, boy, she’ll get a hell of a treatment. No more chit-chat, sit back and watch PD making scream another whore. Be sure to check back regularly for more awesome updates. Also, check here this slave brutally tortured to tears. Enjoy!

See as this whore gets fucked in every hole! 

Cherry Torn

Hi there and welcome back! In today’s infernal restraints we have a very cute short haired brunette named Cherry Torn. She thinks that by striking a few cute looks she can get out of trouble. But her mistress knows her better than this and she sure brought some punishment for her little sex slave. Make sure you are comfortable, because some amazing scenes are coming and you will get hornier than ever on this one.

Everybody loves to see a cute girls like this one all bound and braced in a nice device like that one. The little whore will get the most rough treatment of her life and you will see on her face that she is truly enjoying being tortured and having her whole roughly penetrated by some machines and huge dildos. This brunette will have her tits hard squeezed in that device while her cunt is  fucked by that little fuck machine. This our surprise for all of you tonight, so don’t even think to skip it. Enjoy Cherry having her big breasts restrained as her pussy gets fucked by a big toy and see how she asks for more even if her eyes were full of tears because of the pain. You will enjoy that moment! For similar content, check out the site! Have fun!

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Prisoner Calcio

We are back again and tonight infernal restraints brings you Calcio. She’s a very horny lady with a very burning desire to participate in BDSM sex sessions whenever she can. So today she got to do just that, as her mistress bound her to a chair and started to have her way with her pussy and tits. I’m sure you will enjoy these two as they came around just for your viewing delight, letting us to record every second of that BDSM session.

The horny prisoner finally got what she deserved: a rough treatment for her every part of body. This mistress bounded her to that nice chair, put a cap on and started to play and torture her erogenous parts of the body. The nipples were squeezed with those sticks and the clit the same, all those after her whole body was strapped. She will get her clit massaged with that pink little vibrator and the crazy master will not stop until she force her slave to cum. You will simply love their scene. Without further due enjoy Calcio as she’s forced to cum with a sex toy. See you next time, friends!

Check out as she is forced to cum with a vibrating toy! 

Suspended upside down

Hi there! Another great week and infernal restraints is back with your weekly scene. We brought you this amazing blonde who got suspended upside down by her master for not being a good submissive. We will entertain you again with one of ours best scenes and I’m sure you’ll get a nice hard boner one this one. If you want to see some rough action, hardcore fucking and the sweet BDSM art, make yourself comfortable and enjoy.

As I said, this little lady was a very bad submissive and she had to be punished in some way. And she was. Watch her getting all strapped and tied up, then having her wholes stuffed by some huge black tools. The little blonde will have her throat gagged while she is upside down and her master will teach her a lesson about sucking cocks and going deepthroat when it has to. So no more chit-chat, just sit back there and enjoy the whole episode back on our website. And if you want more, stay tuned as next week we will bring for you some fresh torture scenes. Until then, I’ll leave you with her. Have fun! sexy-babe-suspended-upside-down

Have fun watching this sexy babe getting suspended!

Beautiful babe gets caged

What a great day it is and it’s about to get better and better as we are back with a brand new scene. Tonight you will enjoy a gorgeous babe getting caged and having her pussy roughly penetrated by some nasty tools. This babe will keep you company tonight and I’m sure she will make your cock hard as a rock as she will cry and beg for mercy while moaning and screaming of pleasure.

So don’t let yourself fooled by the appearances. She might look like a good submissive, but sometimes she is very rude with her master, that’s why she will get a nice punishment every time she is not a good girl. I’m starting to think that she is doing everything on purpose, that she loves to be tortured and roughly fucked. So after she got locked into that iron cage, all naked and with her pussy all spread, her master took good care of that sweet wet hole, fucking it with some nasty big toys. Just watch the entire video update and see what really happened! You will be amazed!

 Check out this hottie getting locked in an iron cage!

Infernal Restraints – Riding the sibyan

Hi there, people! On tonight’s hot scene this horny slut will entertain you with her riding skills as she got the chance to ride a sibyan. Her always horny pussy finally got satisfied as her master showed no mercy for her holes tonight. The slut finally got what she deserved and you are about to get front row seats on that show. Grab a sir back there and watch her getting chained and getting her holes roughly stuffed.

This babe seems to get a satisfaction only if she is whipped and tied and roughly fucked. Well, for that we had a solution. That solution is called PD, the crazy master who will make her scream of pleasure and beg for mercy after the session starts. The horny babe got chained tonight with her sexy legs wide open so that the master to have full access to her sweet cunt. Right after that, the ruthless man put a sibyan under her and that clit was massaged to climax. You will love hearing her moaning of pleasure as the fucking machine goes faster and faster. Then she will get that pussy stuffed with PD’s thick cock right before another whipping session. No more chit-chat, just sit back and watch her doing her thing for you and do not miss the great final. You will not be disappointed, trust me.

 Watch this chained babe riding a dildo to orgasm!

Babe gets caught in a net

What a great day for a fresh scene from infernalrestraints! I know that you all waited the whole week for the update and we want to thank you for watching us every week, that’s why tonight we brought this catch for all of you. The babe was caught in that net only for your viewing delight and she will be suspended above spikes. I’m sure will love hearing her screaming and begging for mercy, so make yourself a little more comfortable and let’s watch the whole scene right now. sexy-babe-gaught-in-a-net

The poor little babe was a little rude with her master, so he got her suspended in that net until he return. The naive woman will try to escape, screaming and moving in that net, but the more she moves, the more she goes down and she will stop only when she will feel those spikes on her fine round ass. Well, you know that is not the whole scene, as the master will cum back and will offer her a sweet rough treatment, making her moaning and screaming and cuming just for your delight. Enjoy them in action. Also, check here Holly Wood getting punished by her master.

Enjoy as this babe gets suspended above spikes!

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