Infernal Restraints
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Tied up and stuffed

Hi there. On tonight’s scene this sexy babe will get her pussy stuffed, but before that her master will chained her up and will gag her mouth. The horny slut got the right treatment after she did not obey her master. But if you ask me, she was asking for this kind of treatment as she confesses that she always dreamed about enjoying a proper rough fucking. Enjoy her in action.

So after the master drag her there by her hair, the naughty slut got all chained up and tied tight, without being able of moving, not even a little. Her big toe was also tied close to the chain and her legs were up in the air. The master gagged her mouth and tied a piece of wood to the chain, right in front of the pussy. Now the horny slut will be forced to fuck herself with that piece of wood. Another piece of wood will go into her mouth and now her wholes are stuffed hard with those hard tools. Cum inside to enjoy the entire episode. Also, check here and see how this slut was suspended upside down for nor being a good submissive. Enjoy.


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